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Turn This Into This

Jay Lenoís 3D Printer Replaces Rusty Old Parts

Jay Leno has a lot of old cars with a lot of obsolete parts. When he needs to replace these parts, he skips the error-prone machinist and goes to his rapid prototyping 3D printer. Simply scan, print and repeat. Check out the video below

More about 3D Printing

        3D Printing is a type of rapid prototyping. Material is layered and connected to form a 3 dimensional object. By using 3D printing, prototypes can be developed faster, and in full color. This is the only type of rapid prototyping that allows for full color prototypes to be produced. 3D Printing is also a leading and effective method for the concept and visualization stages of design. In addition, parts are further strengthened with a full emersive bonding agent.

         Z-Corporation is a leading provider of the top of the line 3D Printers. Z-Corp has made amazing advancements towards being able to accomplish slim layering, and even has made it possible with a layer thickness of 0.0035" on the Z510 High Definition Color 3D Printer. Z-Corp has been a leading solution provider for the only high definition color 3D printing solution on the market.

         Several applications for 3D Printing may include prototyping, computer-aided design, education, health care, retail, design and concept visualization and more.

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